Daily Collection Hand blender with ProMix blending technology - HR1627

More power for smoother results

650W ProMix handblender with turbo function

The Philips handblender combines 650 Watt power, ProMix blending technology and Turbo function for smooth results even for tough applications. Thanks to the XL chopper and whisk accessories, it now also chops onions and whips cream.

A smooth result in seconds 

  • Triangular shape for optimal flow and blending performance \
  • Powerful motor for optimal food preparation
  • Turbo button for the toughest ingredients

No splashing while you blend

  • Anti-splash blade guard with special wave shape

Easy to use

  • 2-button release system to easily remove the blending bar

Enjoy a variety of recipes 

  • Whisk accessory for whipping cream, mayonnaise and more
  • XL chopper accessory for chopping large quantities
  • 0.5L measuring handblender beaker


Speed setting :
Detachable shaft :
Material bar :
Turbo button :
Potato masher :
Chopper : XL chopper
Whisk :
Beaker : 0.5 L
Protection cap :
Color(s) : White, black and red
Material jars : Metal
Material blade : Stainless steel
Material bar : Metal
Material housing :
Material beaker :
Turbo button :
Speed setting :
Detachable shaft :
Wattage :
Voltage : 220-240 V
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Cord length : 1.25 m
Power : 650 W
Battery type :
Charger :
Charger voltage :
Charger frequency :
Hand Blender wattage :
Motor type :
Hand Blender voltage :
Indicative time to fully charge the battery when empty :
Material :
Revolutions per minute (Speed 1 to 5) :
Bell blades :
Whisk attachment :
Chopper attachment :
Product dimensions measured with long arm H x W x D :
Packaging dimensions H x W x D :
Master pack :
Master pack dimensions H x W x D :
Net Weight :
Gross Weight :
Cookbook :


  • Anti-splash blade guard
    The special wave shape in the bottom part of the handblender blending bar garantees no splashes or mess while you blend.
  • Whisk accessory
    Single whisk accessory for Philips hand blender for whipping cream, mayonnaise, pan cake batter and more. Makes your hand blender mutlifuctional and versatiles.
  • XL chopper accessory
    With the XL chopper accessory (1000ml) for a Philips hand blender you can chop large quantities of meat, herbs, nuts, cheese, chocolate and onions in seconds.
  • 2-button release system
    With the 2-button release system of the Philips handblender it is easy to remove the blending bar for easy cleaning.
  • ProMix blending technology
    The Philips handblender ProMix thechnology was developed together with the prestigious Stuttgart University. It is an advanced technology for more consistent and faster blending. The unique ProMix blending technology of Philips hand blenders uses a triangular shape to create an optimal flow and gives maximum performance making silky smooth soups and smoothies.
  • 0.5 L beaker
    With the 0.5L beaker you can measure the ingredients for your recipes, but also quickly blend soups, purees or shakes.
  • 650 Watt Motor
    With the powerfull motor of 650 Watt alsmost any ingredient can be blend.