PowerLife Vacuum Cleaner With Bag - FC8444

It's all about power

1600 Watt motor for great cleaning results

Great Cleaning results on all floors with the Philips Powerlife vacuum cleaner, thanks to its 1600 W motor

High cleaning power

  • 1600 Watt motor generating max. 250 Watt suction power

Long lasting dust pickup 

  • 3 liter s-bag for long-lasting performance

Ergonomic grip for far reach 

  • Reach all corners thanks to the extra long ergonomic grip


Standard nozzle :
Accessories :
Input power (IEC) :
Input power (max) :
Suction power (max) :
Cord length :
Noise level (Lc IEC) :
Additional nozzle :
Color : Basic Blue
Airflow (max) :
Input power (IEC) : 1600 W
Input power (max) : 1300 W
Noise level (Lc IEC) :
Suction power (max) :
Vacuum (max) :
Dust bag type :
Exhaust filter : Micro filter
Motor filter :
Dust capacity :
HEPA Air Seal :
Tube type : Fixed 2-piece metal tube
Handgrip :
Carrying handle : Front
Dust bag full indicator :
Tube coupling : Conical
Park or storage assist :
Wheel type : Plastic
Power control :
Action radius : 8 m
Cord length : 5 m
Standard nozzle : All-purpose nozzle
Accessories : Crevice tool, Small nozzle
Accessory storage : On tubeclip
Additional nozzle :
Weight of product : 4.2 kg
Dimensions of product (LxWxH) :


  • 1600 Watt motor
    This powerfil 1600 Watt motor generates max. 250
  • 3 liter s-bag
    This large Philips dust bag capacity allows you to make optimal use of your vacuum cleaner bag, which means you have to change your dust bag less frequently.
  • Extra long ergonomic grip
    This ergonomically shaped grip is convenient in use. Its extra long design gives you farther reach, so you can easily clean hard to reach places.