Airstyler - HP8664

Versatile styling, ultimate shine

Philips Rotating Volumebrush with 2 attachments

Use Philips Dynamic Volumebrush to create different styles, while keeping hair smooth and shiny. Its 50mm rotating natural bristle brush adds volume and movement while the retractable brush creates defined waves without tangles.

Ultimate shine and condition 

  • Ionic conditioning prevents frizz, maximizes shine
  • Tourmaline ceramic adds more shine to your hair

Volume, body and waves without tangles 

  • 1000W power for beautiful results
  • 50mm round brush adds volume and movement
  • 30mm retractable brush for tangle free styling
  • The brushes can be rotated in both directions

Protects your style, cares for your hair

  • Care setting for better protection while drying and styling
  • 50mm brush for smoother, shinier results


Wattage :
Thermoprotect :
Voltage : 220-240 V
Wattage : 1000 W
Maximum temperature: :
Temperature range: :
Cord length: : 1.8 m
Color/finishing: : Princess white / Silver tint
Heater type: :
Heating time: :
Barrel diameter: :
Nozzle :
Retractable bristle brush :
Paddle straightening brush :
Thermobrush :
Volumizer :
Ceramic coating of brushes :
Ion technology :
Thermoprotect :
EHD technology :
Cable length :
Storage hook :
Ceramic coating: :
Ready for use indicator: :
Cool tip: :
Swivel cord: :
Hanging loop: :
Auto shut-off: :
End result: :
Hair length: :
Hair thickness: :
2-year worldwide guarantee: : Yes


  • 1000W power
    This 1000W airstyler creates the optimum level of airflow and gentle drying power, for beautiful results every day.
  • Ionic care
    Ionic conditioning dries hair without building up static.Negatively charged ions are released, reducing frizz, smoothing down the hair's cuticles and intensifying hair's shine and glossiness. The result is shiny, frizz-free hair that looks its best.
  • Tourmaline ceramic coating
    The styler's unique tourmaline ceramic coating protects and revitalizes hair while you style. This special coating conducts heat effectively with no hot spots and adds shine with every stroke.
  • 50mm round brush
    The 50mm thermo brush is the perfect way to add volume, body and shine to your hair. Use on nearly-dry hair to create a beautiful salon blow dry at home.
  • 30mm retractable brush
    Use the 30mm brush to add defined waves while keeping hair smooth and shiny. Its retractable bristles make it easy to style without tangles.
  • Two way rotation
    The brush can be rotated in both directions, making it easy to handle and create a variety of styles.
  • Care setting
    The 'Care' setting ensures the optimum drying temperature and guards against overheating. Hair still dries fast, with the same powerful airflow but at a constant, caring temperature.
  • Natural bristles
    The bristles of the thermo brush are made from natural boar bristles. These bristles help the brush move through the hair more smoothly, reducing static, increasing shine and preventing tangles.