Table lamp - 67426/31

Easy on your eyes

Helps you stay focused

Personalize your light for the task at hand with the Philips Robot desk lamp. Position the light where you need it most by simply adjusting its flexible and rotatable aluminum arm. The memory dimmer stores your preferred light settings.

Optimal eye comfort

  • Customized optics for even light distribution
  • Designed to reduce glare and eyestrain

Helps you stay focused 

  • Cool daylight ideal for focus and concentration

Create ideal light setting

  • Advanced dimming adjustment with memory function

Ergonomic design 

  • Extended reach for maximum reading comfort


  • Even light distribution
    With the customized optics in Philips EyeCare desk lamps, you get light that is diffused and evenly distributed across your workspace. This reduces uneven lighting or dazzle, which normally leads to tired eyes and general eye fatigue.
  • Reduces glare and eyestrain
    The combination of customised optics and high-quality cool white LED light of the this Philips EyeCare desk lamp, helps to reduce glare and eye strain. Comfortable and with no visible flickering, it helps to support optimal eye comfort.
  • Cool daylight
    Various findings have pointed out that a cool daylight color temperature of 5500K and up to 1000 lux promotes concentration by maintaining energy levels and alertness with natural light levels.
  • Advanced dimming with memory
    With its advanced dimming adjustment and memory fuction, this Philips EyeCare desk lamp allows you to find the intensity of the light that suits you best and keeps it at that setting. Handy and convenient.
  • Extended reach
    The ergonomic and flexible arm of this Philips EyeCare desk lamp is designed to offer extended reach for maximum reading comfort. Effortless to position, it means you won’t have to bend or move awkwardly around your desk to get your lighting focused correctly on your workspace.