Ceiling light - 30806

Essential lighting

for a bright home

Essential ceiling lights are designed for flicker free energy saving, high color rendering lamps or LED. Built to resist yellowing and chipping, select models come with add-on rims to complement your décor.

Energy saving

  • 80% energy saving
  • Built-in LED, as part of the system

Ease of use

  • Smooth surface finish for easy cleaning

Light effect

  • Even light distribution


  • Easy to maintain
    Smooth surface finish for easy cleaning
  • Integrated LED light source
    A light source you can trust. With integrated LED light source, you won't have to worry about maintenance or lamp replacement while having the perfect light ambiance in your home.
  • Even light distribution
    Even light distribution
  • 80% energy saving
    Up to 80% energy saving compared to standard incandescent light sources.