Sports neck band headphones - SHQ4200

Tuned for Sports

Lightweight and flexible for secure fit

The featherweight SHQ4200 is crafted from ultra light, flexible and sweat-resistant rubber, ensuring such a perfect fit that you won’t want to take it off after your workout. Plus, superb deep bass sound keeps you motivated - always.

Designed for a secure and comfortable fit

  • Flexible neckband auto-adjusts to your head for perfect fit
  • 3 choices of ear cap sizes for optimal fit
  • Ultrasoft silicon caps sit comfortably in your ears

Designed for high performance

  • Cable clip and protective pouch for easy use and storage
  • Kevlar-reinforced cable for ultimate durability 
  • Reflective stopper in the cable
  • Sweat resistant and rain proof – ideal for any workout
  • 8gm headphones for superb fit and ultra lightweight comfort

Excellent sound with added bass boost 

  • Excellent sound generated by 9mm drivers 
  • Powerful bass to boost motivation



Width :
Height :
Depth :
Weight :
Depth :
Height :
Weight :
Width :
Acoustic system :
Magnet type :
Voice coil :
Diaphragm : Mylar dome
Frequency response : 15 - 22 000 Hz
Impedance : 16 ohm
Maximum power input :
Sensitivity : 102 dB
Speaker diameter : 9 mm
Type : Dynami
Distortion :
Signal/noise ratio: :
Active noise attenuation: :
Noise canceling effect: :
Cable Connection :
Cable length :
Connector :
Finishing of connector :
Type of cable :
Detachable cable :
Compatible with: :
Gross weight :
Height :
Length :
Nett weight :
Number of consumer packagings :
Tare weight :
Width :
Length :
Width :
Height :
Nett weight :
Gross weight :
Tare weight :
Type of shelf placement :
Depth :
Gross weight :
Height :
Nett weight :
Number of products included :
Packaging type :
Tare weight :
Width :
Height :
Width :
Depth :
Gross weight :
Tare weight :
Nett weight :
Volume control :
Operating time :
Base station features: :
Battery charging indication: :
Double PLL: :
Automatic power off: :
Adaptor plug :
3.5mm audio cable :
Made for Apple in-line remote :
Audio cable :
Storage pouch :
AC/DC Adaptor: :
Battery charger: :
Extension cable: :
Airplane plug: :
Cables: :
Protective pouch: :
Effective range :
Carrier frequency range :
Channel separation :
Modulation :
Pilot tone frequency: :
Channel selection: :
Number of channel: :
Power supply headphone :
Power supply transmitter :
Compatible with :
Compatible with :
Compatible with :
Gross weight: :
Height: :
Length: :
Nett weight: :
Number of consumer packagings: :
Tare weight: :
Width: :


  • Clip and pouch
    ActionFit headphones come with its own clip and pouch for easy cable management and safe storage. Enjoy a tangle-free workout with the clip, then stash your headphones in the breathable pouch. Don't sweat it!
  • Excellent sound
    ActionFit headphones boast finely tuned 9mm drivers that are specifically designed to generate excellent sound. Sound so pristine and powerful that you’ll easily immerse in your workout – and get the most out of your music and moves.
  • Flexible neckband
    The neckband of your ActionFit headphones is crafted with supple spring-wire that is designed to fit you naturally and optimally. Its lightweight rubberized earhooks and elastic rubber neckband feel secure yet comfortable throughout any workout.
  • Kevlar-reinforced cable
    Your ActionFit headphones are specially designed for durability and strength. Its Kevlar-coated cable is well protected against tearing and breaking, and can withstand extreme environments – and workouts.
  • Powerful bass
    There’s nothing better than a solid groove to get you into your workout rhythm. With ActionFit headphones, your grooves are powered by superbly deep and dynamic bass that will boost any routine, letting you take it to a higher level.
  • Reflective stopper
    Reflective stopper in the cable
  • S, M, L, caps
    3 choices of ear cap sizes for optimal fit
  • Soft silicon caps
    Your ActionFit headphones come with ultrasoft silicon ear caps that are specially designed to sit snugly in your ears. They’re so comfortable that you may never want to take them out.