Omnifood Accessory Kit - FPPC

Attachment Pack

Food Grinder, Fruit and Vegetable Strainer, Rotor Vegetable Slicer and Shredder

Optional stand mixer accessory

Food Grinder 5FGA

  • Used for mincing and grinding meat, fish, vegetables, dried bread, nuts, firm-fleshed fruits as well as cheese. Meat should be extremely cold, even partially frozen, for best processing.
  • Comes with: a 2-sided, 4 blade self-sharpening stainless steel knife, coarse and fine stainless steel grinding plates and food stomper/wrench.
  • Large-capacity food tray optional (5FT).


Fruit and Vegetable Strainer 5FVSP

  • Must be used in combination with the 5FGA (food grinder)!
  • A strainer cone, strainer tray and splash shield fit onto the food grinder for processing/puréeing soft fruits and cooked vegetables to make foods such as jams, purées, apple sauce, sauces and baby food.
  • It strains the food to a purée and separates any pips, stems or skins. So it’s not necessary to peel or core any product before putting into hopper.


Rotor Vegetable Slicer and Shredder MVSA

  • For slicing and shredding root and raw green vegetables, potatoes, onions, cheese, various kinds of fruits, nuts and chocolate for toppings.
  • Comes with: medium and coarse shredding drums and a slicing drum. Drums are made out of stainless steel.


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