Vertis - VWT 18CM-D1

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Presenting Voltas Vertis Window AC

Finally an AC that has in-built common sense



  • Specially- Designed Higher BTU Rotary Compressor ensures that the machine operates smoothly even at 52°C
  • Blue Hydrophillic Evaporator Aluminum Fins




PRICE : AED 1095


Power Supply : 220-240V-50HZ,1Ph
Capacity : 1.5 ton
Input :
Rated current : 10.4
EER : 2.3
Moisture Removal :
Type- Class : ROTARY/ T3
Brand :
a. Number of rows : 2/2
Indoor air flow ( Hi/Mi/Lo) :
Indoor noise ( Hi/Mi/Lo) :
Refrigerant type :
Thermosat type :
Ambient temp cooling :
Dimension ( W*D*H) :
Packing ( W*D*H) :
Net/ Gross weight :
Qty' per 20'/40'/40 HQ :

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  • Specially-Designed Higher BTU Rotary Compressor
    The specially designed rotary compressor ensures that the machine operates smoothly even at 52°C
  • Fresh Air Switch
    When the AC runs for a longer period, the oxygen level of the air goes down. the fresh air switch allows fresh air to enter the room. This maintains the required oxygen level of the air
  • Easily Removable panel
    Easy un-Installation of the front panel makes it simple to wash
  • Slinger- Up System
    Overall cooling efficiency is maximised due to the higher evaporative heat transfer.The system picks up condensed water and throws it on the condenser coil, which is evaporated by the heat from the condenser
  • The Drainage method
    It comes with a two- drainage system.The feature gives you more draining options. you can use the top or bottom drainage according to your convenience
  • Blue Hydrophillic Evaporator Aluminum Fins
    Hydrophillic fins improve the cooling efficiency by enabling unrestricted flow of condensated water between the heat exchange fins.