Vertis Classic - VST18CR–D4

A Host of intelligent

Hi-tech features make Voltas Vertis Classic High Wall Split AC the most advanced in its Category

The Ergonomic design and efficient motor will suit your style and your cooling needs.


  • 1.5 Ton Nom Cooling Capacity
  • 18-52°C Ambient Temp Cooling
  • Four-Bend Heat Exchanger
  • Auto-Restart Function
  • Specially- Designed Higher BTU Rotary Compressor
PRICE : AED 1395


Power Supply : 1 PH,220-240V-, 50HZ
Capacity :
Power consumption :
Rated current : 9.3
EER : 2.51
Moisture Removal :
Thermostat Type :
Refrigerant type : R22/1200g
Air flow (High/Mid/Low) : 760/670/520
Noise Level (High/Mid/Low) : 47/44/41
Ambient temp cooling : 18-52°C
Dimension (W*D*H) :
Net/Gross weight :
Dimension (W*D*H) :
Net/Gross weight :
Type- Class : ROTARY-T3
Brand :
a. Number of rows : 2/1
Liquid side/ Gas side : Ø6.35 / Ø12.7
Max.refrigerant pipe length :
Max.difference in level :

Manuals & Documentation


  • Four-Bend heat Exchanger
    It expands heat exchange area by 32% and thus improves efficiency.
  • Hydrophillic Aluminium Fins
    it increase cooling efficiency of indoor unit by enabling condensated water's free-flow. Heating efficiency of outdoor unit is increased by acceleration of the defrosting process.
  • Auto-Restart Function
    In case of a power cut, it automatically restores the previous function setting.
  • Specially-Design Higher BTU Rotary Compressor
    This ensure that the machine operates smoothly even at 52°C
  • Trapezimform Innergroove Copper
    This allows more refrigerant to flow through,improves heat exchange efficiency and lowers power consumption.
  • Easy to Clean Panel
    Easy un- installation of the front panel make it simple to wash.
  • Self-Diagnosis and Auto-Protection Function
    It Defects errors and alerts you by displaying it on the LED unit. It then automatically goes into the protection mode till the problem is rectified
  • LCD Remote with Intelligent Functions
    Features packed LCD remote performs intelligent functions like Cool/Dry/Auto Mode,Sleep Mode and On/Off Timer.