3.1 L Food Processor - 5KFP1335

Designed for Precise Slicing

Exactslice system,slow speed for delicate foods,effortless horizontal slices

In our fast-paced world that demands constant multi-tasking, there is a place of tranquility waiting for you: your kitchen. Here a multi-tasking machine awaits to make your cooking life a creative joy on many levels. This innovative food processor will make your culinary tasks simple, yet super creative, whether haute or not-so-haute cuisine. This terrifically cooking partner is ready to help you forget all about using your knife, as it shreds and chops your ingredients with the greatest of ease. It’ll be a zip to make thin and thick slices - at the same time! It will cleanly slice delicate foods like tomatoes and even horizontally slice meats for your BBQs. You’ll quickly see from the numerous features shown below that you will now be able to realise your cooking ideas swiftly rather than laboriously. It is perfect to prepare fabulous meals in a timely, economic manner, providing the perfect kind of slice for any kind of meal.

Exact Slice System:

  • Adjustable slicing disc with first ever external lever
  • Adjusts easily, slices from thick to thin
  • 3-IN-1 Ultra wide mouth feed tube
  • Fits all sizes of foods for both horizontal and vertical slicing
  • Uniquely – Designed sharp Blades and two optimized Low and high speeds
  • Precise, accurate slicing for soft or hard foods

Slip-Resistant base and comfort design side handle

  • Durable and clear viewing

3.1 L BPA-Free work bowl and 950ml BPA-Free
Mini-Bowl and Mini Multipurpose blade

  • Versatile and convenient for all food processing requirements

Lid and blades with ultra tight silicone seal

  • Helps prevent mess, and ensures no leaking or spillages of liquids or flour

Compact storage case

  • Easy and safe

PRICE : AED 1499


Wattage : 300 W
Motor : DC (Direct current)
Voltage : 220 - 240 V
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Revolutions per minute (Speed 1 to 2) : 900 to 1750 RPM
Material of motor body : Plastic
Cord length : 61 cm
Product dimensions H × W × D : 41.5 × 28 × 26 cm
Packaging dimensions H × W × D : 49 × 45 × 29 cm
Master pack : 1 unit
Master pack dimensions H × W × D : 47.9 x 45.7 x 29.7 cm
Net weight : 7.8 kg
Gross weight : 8.5 kg
Cookbook : No


  • Egg Whip
    Quickly whip egg whites for meringues, mousses, soufflés and desserts.
  • Accessory Case
    Stylish and durable case organizes and protects blades, discs and accessories.
  • 950 ml (4-cup) Mini-Bowl and Mini-Blade
    Mini-bowl and stainless steel mini-blade are perfect for small chopping and mixing jobs.
  • 3.1 L (13-cup) Work Bowl
    The BPA- free large work bowl provides ample capacity for large jobs.
  • Work Bowl Cover with 3-in-1 Ultrawide Feed Tube and 3-piece Food Pusher
    Three pushers seamlessly fit inside each other enabling you to process different sizes of food from very large to small. Slice a whole potato using the entire feed tube and large food pusher. Get perfect cucumber slices with the medium feed tube and pusher. Process smaller, finer items such as carrots using the small feed tube and pusher.
  • Externally Adjustable Slicing Control
    KitchenAid's exclusive externally adjustable slicing disc allows you to adjust slicing thickness from thin to thick, without having to remove the blade assembly. With the slicing disc installed,simply slide the slicing Thickness Control to the desired setting- no need to remove the cover or even turn off the food processor!
  • Externally Adjustable Slicing Disc
    Designed with a micro-serrated blade, this disc is adjustable from approximately 1 mm to 6 mm for slicing most foods.
  • Reversible Shredding Disc
    Choose between fine or coarse shredding of all types of vegetables and cheeses.
  • Stainless Steel Multipurpose Blade
    Versatile blade chops,minces,blends, mixes and emulsifies in a matter of seconds.
  • Dough Blade
    Knead all types of yeast dough (bread, pizza, brioche…).