Docking Station for iPod/iPhone - AJ7034D/05

Wake up to great sound

from your iPod/iPhone

Start your day with this Philips Docking system. It offers Bass Reflex Speaker System for deep powerful bass, 20W RMS output and a dock that takes any iPod/iPhone. Also enjoy enhanced waking and radio experiences via the free Philips App.

Enrich your sound experience

  • Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a powerful, deeper bass
  • Dock any iPod/iPhone, even in its case
  • FM digital tuning with presets
  • MP3 Link for portable music playback
  • 20W RMS total output power

Easy to use

  • Free HomeStudio app for enhanced wake-up & radio experiences
  • Auto clock synchronization with iPod/iPhone when docked
  • Time and alarm backup for on-time wakeup even with power cut
  • Adjustable alarm volume for reliable wake up calls

Start the day your way

  • Wake up to your iPod/ iPhone music or radio tunes
  • Dual alarm to wake you and your partner at different times
  • Gentle wake for a pleasant wake up experience




Alarms: : Dual alarm time, Buzzer Alarm, Radio Alarm, Repeat alarm (snooze)
Display Digits: :
Display type: : LED
Clock: :
Clock/Version: : Digital
Clock Enhancements: :
Display Enhancements: :
User convenience: : Sleep Timer
Sound system: : 20W
Volume control: : Stereo
Output power: : rotary
Brightness control :
Backlight color (normal): : Amber
Backlight color (sleep alarm): :
Backlight color (wake alarm): :
Language: :
Number of batteries: :
Battery type: :
Battery voltage: :
Power supply: : 100-240V, 47-63Hz
Power type: :
Backup battery: :
Cables/Connection: :
Others: :
Warranty: :
Included accessories: : Warranty certificate, Quick Use Guide
Included accessories: :
Product dimensions (WxDxH): : 283 x 112 x 118 mm
Packaging dimensions (WxDxH): : 319 x 144 x 180 mm
Product weight: : 1.36 kg
Weight incl. Packaging: : 1.73 kg
Packaging type: :
Product width: :
Product height: :
Product depth: :
Packaging Width: :
Packaging Height: :
Packaging Depth: :
Gross weight: :
Master carton dimensions: : (WxDxH) 298 x 327 x 375 mm
Master carton weight: : 7.55 kg
Master carton quantity: : 4
Main unit depth :
Main unit height :
Main unit width :
Tuner Bands: : FM Stereo
Auto digital tuning :
Station presets: : 20
Antenna: : FM Antenna
Frequency range: :
MP3-Link: : Yes, 3.5mm jack
Audio/Video output :
App name: : HomeStudio, Free download from App store
Compatibility: : Dock radio for iPod/iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone
5-day weather forecast :
Playback: : album/track navigation, playback controls
Clock: : analog display, digital display
Alarm: : multiple alarms, sleep timer
Radio: : FM radio, preset, scan, tune
iOS requirement: :
Compatible with: : iPod touch, iPod touch 2nd Generation, iPod touch 2nd Gen 8/16/32GB, iPod touch 4th generation, iPo
Cradle playback mode: : Charging iPhone, Charging iPod, Fast forward and backward, Next and Previous track, Play and Pause
Built-in speakers: : 2
Neodynium magnet system :
Main Speaker: : Bass Reflex Speaker System
Compatible with: :
Type: :
Time format: :
No. of alarms: :
Alarm source: :
24 hours alarm reset: :
Snooze (repeat alarm): :
Sleep timer: :


  • Bass Reflex Speaker System
    Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a deep bass experience from a compact loudspeaker box system. It differs from a conventional loudspeaker box system in the addition of a bass pipe that is acoustically aligned to the woofer to optimize the low frequency roll-off of the system. The result is deeper controlled bass and lower distortion. The system works by resonating the air mass in the bass pipe to vibrate like a conventional woofer. Combined with the response of the woofer, the system extends the overall low frequency sounds to create a whole new dimension of deep bass.
  • Dock iPod/iPhone in its case
    Smartly designed spring-loaded docking port effortlessly accommodates any iPod or iPhone, without special adaptors. What’s more, it works even when most protective cases are on – just dock your iPod or iPhone as it is. Now you can truly have fuss-free enjoyment of your music.
  • FM digital tuning with presets
    Digital FM radio offers you additional music options to your music collection on your Philips audio system. Simply tune into the station that you want to preset, press and hold the preset button to memorize the frequency. With preset radio stations that can be stored, you can quickly access your favorite radio station without having to manually tune the frequencies each time.
  • Free HomeStudio app
    There's no better way to wake up or listen to the radio than with the free Philips HomeStudio app. Simply download the app from the Apple App Store to enjoy a host of exciting features. Advanced alarm set up, for example, gives you greater flexibility in alarm settings - including alarm volume, duration, date and sound. You also get better user interface when you listen to the radio, with easy-to-use station preset functions.
  • Adjustable alarm volume
    Philips clock radios let you rise and shine the way you want to. An adjustable alarm volume allows you to set the loudness of your wake up call to your fancy. Whether you need a louder alarm to get out of bed on time, or prefer a softer alarm for gentle rousing, the adjustable volume gives you the flexibility to start the day your way.