Alarm Clock - AJ310/12

Fun talking clock

Tick, tock, it’s a talking clock! Hit the Philips Clock’s button for time announcements in English, French or German. In game mode, it shows random times and the right answer. A LED turns red or green when it’s time to sleep/wake up.

A fun way to tell time

  • Instant voice prompts for time in English, French or German
  • Time displayed in both analog and digital formats
  • Game mode for fun way to learn to read time

Better bedtimes and brighter mornings

  • Dual alarms with light indicators for bedtime and waking up
  • Fun built-in sounds for bedtime and wake up alarms
  • Gentle wake for a pleasant wake up experience

Easy to use

  • Hidden parental control keys for secured settings
  • Adjustable display brightness for comfort viewing
  • AC/DC power supply



Alarms: : 24 hour alarm reset, buzzer alarm, repeat alarm (snooze), dual alarm, Built-in sounds
Display Digits: : 4
Display type: : LCD display
Clock: : Digital, analogue
Clock/Version: :
Clock Enhancements: :
Display Enhancements: :
User convenience: :
Sound system: : mono
Volume control: : rotary (digital)
Output power: : 100 mW RMS
Brightness control :
Backlight color (normal): : Yellow
Backlight color (sleep alarm): : Red
Backlight color (wake alarm): : Green
Language: : English, French, German
Number of batteries: : 3
Battery type: : AAA size (LR3)
Battery voltage: : 1.5 V
Power supply: : 220-230V
Power type: : AC Input and battery
Backup battery: :
Cables/Connection: : AC-DC adapter
Others: : Quick start guide, User Manual
Warranty: : Warranty Certificate
Included accessories: :
Included accessories: :
Product dimensions (WxDxH): : 110 x 110 x 112 mm
Packaging dimensions (WxDxH): : 193 x 118 x 111
Product weight: : 0.29 kg
Weight incl. Packaging: : 0.63 kg
Packaging type: :
Product width: :
Product height: :
Product depth: :
Packaging Width: :
Packaging Height: :
Packaging Depth: :
Gross weight: :
Master carton dimensions: :
Master carton weight: :
Master carton quantity: :
Main unit depth :
Main unit height :
Main unit width :
Tuner Bands: :
Auto digital tuning :
Station presets: :
Antenna: :
Frequency range: :
MP3-Link: :
Audio/Video output :
App name: :
Compatibility: :
5-day weather forecast :
Playback: :
Clock: :
Alarm: :
Radio: :
iOS requirement: :
Compatible with: :
Cradle playback mode: :
Built-in speakers: :
Neodynium magnet system :
Main Speaker: :
Compatible with: :
Type: :
Time format: :
No. of alarms: :
Alarm source: :
24 hours alarm reset: :
Snooze (repeat alarm): :
Sleep timer: :


  • Instant voice prompts
    What time is it? Let the Philips talking clock tell you. At the push of its large “Tell Time” button, the fun trilingual clock announces the time – in English, French or German. Simply adjust the language selector for the language of your choice. Whether your child is too young to tell time, or it’s just fun to have the time read out loud, this clock provides endless amusement. Children will instinctively learn how to read the time with this clock. What’s more, they might even learn to do it in different languages.
  • Game mode
    Put fun into learning with this talking clock. Hit the “Game” button and the clock goes into game mode. It starts to display a random time in analog or digital format, and waits for your child to adjust the time to match what’s displayed, and to press the “Tell Time” button when he is done. If the answer is correct, the clock will applaud; if not, the clock will give out comical sounds and encourage another try. Game mode helps children learn to read time in both analog and digital formats, and in different languages. Accelerate your child’s learning and infuse fun into his education today.
  • Fun built-in sounds
    This Philips clock comes with fun sounds specially selected for the young ones. Set the sleep alarm and put your child in the right mood for bedtime with a lullaby or the soothing sounds of a forest. In the mornings, get a rooster to crow your child awake. A total of five sounds, including a standard buzzer, are built into the clock. Other than the fabulous sounds, the clock also comes with red or green light indicators to help remind all when bedtime comes, or when a new day has begun.
  • Hidden parental control keys
    Philips lets you stay in control. Buttons for advanced settings are hidden away under the top cover, beyond the reach of young children. These buttons control features like the bedtime and wake up alarms, language mode and brightness level. The clock is designed for your child to safely use. In addition, with only the large learning buttons assessable, your child will focus on learning to tell time according to your settings.
  • Analog & digital time display
    Time is always on your side with this clock’s dual format display. Analog and digital time formats are shown simultaneously – with the digital one in the middle and the analog one in a corner. You can even choose between 12-hour and 24-hour clock systems, and have time told exactly the way you like it.