Health grill - HD4467/91

Discover fuller flavours

Seal in the flavour with high temperature plates

This Philips health grill has high temperature plates to seal in all the juicy flavour. Theseheat up fast and keep a constant heat, for results you can trust, and can be used in a sloped or horizontal position for different cooking styles.

Discover variety of fuller flavours
• High temperature grill plate seals in all the flavour
• High power for heating up fast and keeping a constant heat
• Adjustable thermostat ensures perfect results for every food
3 in 1 grill
• Multiple grilling positions: table, oven, contact grill
• Table grill position
• Oven position
• Contact grill position
Simplicity in use
• Non-stick grilling surface
• Easy to store upright
• Dishwasher-safe parts



Power : 2000 W
Temperature light : Yes
Cord length : 0.8 m
Cool-touch handgrips :
Integrated on/off switch :
Grease tray storage :
Grill plate dimensions (W x D) :
Integrated on/off switch :
Temperature light :
Cool-touch handgrips :
Non-slip feet :
Cord storage :
Grease tray storage :
Cord length :
Power :
Voltage : 220-240 V
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Grill plate dimensions (W x D) :
Color(s) : Black
Materials : Steel housing
Product dimensions (W x H x D) :
Weight appliance :
Grill plate dimensions (W x D) :


  • Multiple grilling positions
    The grill can be used with the lid sealed, fully open or gratin, allowing you to prepare many different dishes. 1. The sealed position holds in all the flavour and is ideal for grilling meat, fish, vegetables or sandwiches. 2. The fully open position is like a mini-barbeque, perfect for table grilling, fun cooking or warming up your food. 3. The gratin position is suitable for melting cheese onto toast or vegetables such as tomato and courgette.
  • Double grilling surface
    Table grill position to grill on double grilling surface.
  • Healthy snack
    Contact grill position to quickly prepare your healthy snack.
  • Oven position
    Oven position to cook your fish, vegetables and pizza.
  • Adjustable thermostat
    Wide temperature range (70°C to 230°C) to choose the ideal temperature for each ingredient so that you ensure the perfect results for every food.
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
    Dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning easy.
  • High power
    The high power of the appliance enables the grill plate to heat up quickly, reaching operating temperature very fast and saving you precious time. It also means that the grill surface keeps its heat when food is placed onto it because the high power ensures a fast recovery to the correct temperature.
  • High temperature grill plate
    The high temperature of the Philips electric grill plate seals in all the juices and flavour of the food. That’s because the moment the food comes into contact with the surface of the grill, it begins to sizzle and brown, forming a tasty crust that keeps all the goodness and flavour inside, where it belongs.
  • Upright storage
    Easy to store upright; tidy storage of cord and tray.