Artisan 1.5 L Blender - 5KSB5553 (White)

For true cooks and chefs


blending is an art…

Blending flavours and textures is an art that can drive the passionate cook to ecstasy… or despair. Too much – blending – and the composition is lost. Not enough – blending – and the harmony fails. For the passionate cook a blender is above all, an artistic instrument. The Artisan Blender is robust, stable and built to last – giving you the total control you need for perfection every time. With a host of functions and features designed to make it safe, effective and easy to clean, this is a blender you will love just as much as the food it helps you create.


Die-cast metal base

  • Robust, stable and built to last

Large, durable glass pitcher with unique shape

  • Easy pouring and easy cleaning

Sharp, stainless steel blades

  • Ultimate ice crushing and fast, consistent blending

Powerful motor with intelli-speed control

  • Maintains optimal speed with each setting

Soft start feature

  • Starts slowly then quickly increases speed for clean blending

Clean touch control pad integrated into a smooth, rounded design

  • Versatile usage and easy cleaning

Coated, steel reinforced coupler

  • Strong, durable, quiet operation

Stay-put lid with ingredient cup

  • Practical, steadfast, tight-fitting and functional


Power :
Speed setting :
Material blender jar :
Effective jar capacity :
Capacity blender jar :
Effective jar capacity :
Mini chopper :
Mill :
Color(s) :
Material blender jar :
Material housing :
Material blade :
Speed setting :
Non-slip feet :
Cord storage :
Power :
Voltage :
Frequency :
Max Jar Capacity :
Effective jar capacity :
Capacity mini chopper :
Cord length :
Capacity blender jar :
Plug :
Mini chopper capacity: :
Wattage : 550 W
Voltage : 220 - 240 V
Frequency : 50 / 60 Hz
Revolutions per minute : 4000 to 11500 RPM
Glass pitcher capacity : 1.5 L
Culinary jar capacity : 0.75 L
Product dimensions H × W × D : 37.5 × 21.6 × 23.2 cm
Packaging dimensions H × W × D : 44.5 × 25.7 × 28.0 cm
Net Weight :
Gross Weight :
Net Weight culinary blender jar :
Cookbook : Yes


  • Die-Cast Metal Base
    Heavy, die-cast metal base ensures stable, quiet operation when blending a full pitcher of ingredients. Four rubber feet on wide, solid base provide a no-slip, non-marring grip. Smooth and rounded, the base is easy to clean and features cord storage underneath
  • Soft Start Blending
    The Blender starts at a slower speed to pull food into the blade then quickly increases to selected speed setting. This design feature reduces start-up kick and allows hands-free operation.
  • Clean Touch Control Pad
    Wipes clean in an instant. Smooth control pad has no crevices or cracks to trap ingredients.
  • Speed Selection Buttons
    Create frozen drinks and puree sauces or soups in seconds. Blend with confidence, control, and consistency at all speed settings: STIR, CHOP, MIX, PUREE, and LIQUEFY.
  • Pulse mode
    The PULSE mode works with all five speeds.
  • Ice Crush
    The CRUSH ICE feature is designed specifically for crushing ice and will automatically pulse at staggered intervals for optimal results.
  • 0.75 L Culinary Jar*
    Small (0.75 L) and light culinary accessory jar. High performance for small capacity recipes and single servings. Complements the 1.5 L glass pitcher. Ease of use, multifunctional and versatile. Duraclear jar made out of extremely durable BPA-free material. Scratch, stain, heat and shatter-resistant for long-lasting use. Accessory jar lid with drizzle cap. Practical and easy to drizzle oils or other ingredients during the blender process. BPA-FREE
  • Easy Pour 1.5 L Glass Pitcher
    Glass Pitcher resists scratches, stains and odors. Pitcher is removable from locking collar for easy cleaning, and withstands a range of extreme temperatures. Easy pour spout provides smooth, drip-free pouring.
  • Stay-Put Lid with Clear, 60 ml Ingredient Cup
    Provides a strong seal. The flexible lid will maintain its tight seal throughout the life of the Blender. The lid incorporates a removable 60 ml cup for convenience in measuring and adding ingredients.
  • Patented Stainless Steel Blade
    Sharp oversized blade tines are positioned on four different planes for fast, thorough, and consistent blending.
  • Intelli-Speed™ Motor Control
    Exclusive Intelli-Speed™ control automatically works to keep speed constant – even through density changes when ingredients are added. This advanced KitchenAid design maintains an optimal blending speed for each culinary task and control pad setting.