Free Standing Electric Cooking Range - ACMK 6030/IX

Assisted  Cooking  Mode

Suggested cooking levels are indicated around the knobs for an intuitive selection. You can select the perfect flame among six precise power level (gentle cooking, stewing, sautéing, browning, grilling, boiling.)

Select the precise flame for your perfect recipe

  • The easiest gas hob ever.Set intuitively the needed flame level choosing among 6 cooking methods

Extremely easy to remove and to clean

  • The counter door is extremely easy to remove and to clean

High efficiency burners

  • Superior performance reducing the cooking time and the gas consumption

Easy cleaning thanks to Catalytic liners

  • You can enjoy your time in cooking without worrying to clean the oven
PRICE : AED 1599


Dimensions (W x D x H): :


  • Quick Cleaning Door
    This innovative system allows you to disassemble the counter door, without using any kind of tools, only pushing on the lateral tabs. The counter door is a total flat tempered glass for an improved quality, wider visibility for a superior comfort in use.
  • Super Efficient Burners
    The structure of the new burners allows a more direct and uniform heat distribution thanks to a higher vertical inclination of the flame, 10 ° more than the traditional burners.
  • Catalytic Cleaning
    Catalytic liners work using the heat of the oven to absorb grease and fat.