PowerPro Duo 2-in-1 Handstick Cordless With PowerCyclone Technology - FC6162/61

Thorough cleaning results on all floors

With PowerCyclone and TriActive Turbo nozzle

The new Philips PowerPro Duo offers you thorough cleaning result on hard-floors and carpets. PowerCyclone Technology maintains high suction power for excellent performance. The TriActive Turbo nozzle captures more dust and fluff in one go.

Thorough cleaning results
• PowerCyclone Technology for maximum performance
• TriActive Turbo nozzle captures all dust and fluff in one go

2-in-1 cordless all-rounder
• Cordless operation for freedom to clean everywhere
• Self-standing position for instant parking anywhere
• The nozzle's motorized brush thoroughly removes pet hair
• 2-in-1 functionality for cleaning floors and furniture
• Maximum flexibility to clean difficult areas

Easy to clean
• One-step empty dust bucket, simple and hygienic
• Washable foam filter for long-life performance



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  • PowerCyclone Technology
    The PowerCyclone technology delivers thorough cleaning results in one go through highly efficient steps: 1) Air enters fast into the PowerCyclone thanks to the straight and smooth air inlet. 2) The curved airpass quickly accelerates the air in the cyclonic chamber to separate the dust from the air.
  • TriActive Turbo nozzle
    The TriActive Turbo nozzle offers you the best cleaning performance on hard floors and carpets due to : 1) A motorized brush picks up all dirt and fluff in one go 2) It has maximum cleaning efficiency due to optimized airflow through the nozzle.
  • Cordless operation
    The rechargeable batteries for cordless operation gives you freedom to clean everywhere. Now the cable is not a barrier anymore and you can easily clean in different rooms with no hassle.
  • Self-standing parking position
    The stick has a convenient parking position to stay upright, both with and without the handheld. Therefore, you can instantly park the stick anywhere you want, also while you are cleaning.
  • Effective on Animal Hair
    Thanks to the TriActive Turbo nozzle with a motorized brush, you can now remove animal hair from couches, cushions and other fabrics. Ideal for pet owners.
  • Maximum flexibility
    PowerPro Duo is designed to reach everywhere, so you can easily clean under the couch, bed or table without effort.
  • 2-in-1: stick & handheld
    The 2-in-1 functionality gives you both a stick and a handheld vacuum cleaner in one, to easily clean both floor and furniture.