Satinelle Prestige Wet & Dry Epilator - BRE650/00

Firmly grips even fine hairs

Easy to steer for effortless long lasting results

The S-shaped handle helps steer all over the body. The widest head with ceramic discs epilates close to the skin to grap even fine hairs for quick and long lasting results . Wet & dry use with 8 accessories for personalized beauty routine.

Easy and effortless usage
• First epilator with S-shaped handle
• Wet and dry for use in bath or shower
• Unique light ensures you don’t miss fine hairs
Thorough results
• Epilation head of unique ceramic material for better grip
• Widest epilation head for optimal hair removal in one stroke
• Patented epilation system
• Always use at a 90 degree angle for the best performance
Personalized body routine solutions
• Body massager to relax and for a radiant looking skin
• Body exfoliation brush removes dead skin cells
• Shaving head and trimming comb for a close shave
• Facial area and delicate area cap to remove unwanted hairs
• Includes massage cap



Cleaning brush : YES
Storage pouch : Basic pouch
Cordless : YES
2 speed settings : 2 settings
Gentle tweezing discs :
Unique epilation discs :
Washable epilation head :
Ergonomic grip :
2 year guarantee :
Two speed settings :
Cleaning brush : YES
Shaving head : YES
Trimming comb : YES
Convenient pouch :
Cleaning brush : YES
Opti-start cap :
Detachable shaving head :
Sensitive area cap :
Storage pouch :
Opti-light :
Number of catching points : 32
Number of discs : 17
Pulling actions/sec. speed 1 : 960
Pulling actions/sec. speed 2 : 1066
Voltage adapter :
Voltage device :
Cordless : YES
Wet and dry use : YES


  • Ergonomic S-shaped handle
    The ergonomic S-shaped handle is easy to steer for maximum control and better reach with natural and precise movements, all over your body.
  • Micro ridged ceramic discs
    Our epilator head is unique in being made from a rough ceramic material that grabs hair firmly, even fine hairs won’t slip from its grip.
  • Widest epilation head
    Widest epilation head for optimal hair removal in one stroke for long lasting results.
  • Patented epilation system
    All of our Philips epilators have a unique system where the tweezers lift and gather the lying hair, guide them to the pulling point firmly grabbing and pulling out the hair. Combined with the unique round ceramic discs it epilates closer to the skin for optimal results and more gentleness.
  • Wet and dry use
    For a gentle and comfortable use during your shower or bath routine with anti slip grip for optimal wet and dry use.
  • Opti-light
    Unique light ensures you don’t miss fine hair
  • 90 degree angle
    The Philips Satinelle will always give you the best performance when used at a 90 degree angle.
  • Body Massager
    Our new Body Massager reaches the deeper layers of the skin to relax and deliver a radiant looking skin.
  • Body exfoliation brush
    Our new Body exfoliation brush removes dead skin cells. The hypo-allergenic 48.200 fine bristles gently yet effectively sweep away dead skin cells & stimulate the regeneration of the skin surface. This device will exfoliate your skin more effectively than manual treatment alone.
  • Shaving head and trimming comb
    The shaving head and trimming comb provide close shave and more gentleness in different body areas.