Perfect Chef Mwo And Covectional Cooking - Lcd Display - AMW 834/IXL

Traditional Cooking Results at Microwave Speed

Giving you the versatility to prepare a rich menu of delicious dishes in record time

Whirlpool microwave ovens innovatively combine the cooking quality of a conventional oven with the far greater speed of microwave technology.with many years of experience in the field,whirlpool is Europe's leading name in microwave technology and microwave cooking performance.

Ease of use

  • Just select the recipe and 6th Sense
    technology automatically sets the cooking time and power.


  • Cook a wide variety of dishes in a rapid, healthy, tasty way.


  • 6th Sense microwave ovens cook many dishes in half the time of a traditional oven.
  • With minimal energy consumption.
PRICE : AED 3699


EAN code : 8003437394195
12NC : 858783438900
MWO typology :
Controls :
Capacity (lt) : 40ltr.
Emission system :
Colour :
Antifi nger print :
Microwave :
Forced Air :
Crisp : Yes
Grill : No
Steam : Yes
Jet defrost : Yes
Jet start : Yes
Power levels :
Tilt down grill :
Grill grid :
Crisp plate and handle :
Timer and digital clock :
Child lock :
Turntable diameter (cm) :
Voltage (V) :
Frenquency (Hz) :
Output power MWO (W) :
Grill power (W) :
Product dimensions (HxWxD) mm :
Cavity dimensions ( HxWxD) mm :
Packed dimensions (HxWxD) mm :
Net weight (kg) :
Packed weight (kg) :
IFU languages :
Plug type :


  • 6th sense technology
    Just select a recipe an 6th sense automatically controls the cooking mode and time.
  • Crisp function
    Crisp™ plate combined with grill and microwave for browning and crisping of pies, quiches and pizzas
  • Steam
    Steam cooking with sensor technology for a healthy cooking
  • 3d microwave distribution system
    Uniform heat circulation through fully 3 dimensional distribution to cook evenly and thoroughly any dish