Intelligent microwave

design for total cooking versatility

With a wide range of models to choose from, there is a Whirlpool microwave oven to enhance every cooking style and suit every ktchen, especially as it is designed to match Whirlpool traditional oven desings

6th Sense technology for simple perfection

  • Thanks to Whirlpools intelligent 6th sense functionality, you can cook a wide variety of dishes to perfection with no need to program the microwave oven.

Rotate and confirm

  • The new 6th sense microwave oven in the absolute range always provides outstanding results
  • The central 6th sense programmer is the unique element of interaction to set the cooking cycle for the best cooking results through intuitive simplicity.

Crisp function for crunchy and golden results

  • The crisp function guarantees result you would not expect froma a standard microwave oven



PRICE : AED 1599


EAN code : 8003437391583
12NC : 858749401900
MWO typology :
Controls :
Capacity (lt) : 22
Emission system :
Colour :
Antifi nger print :
Microwave :
Forced Air :
Crisp : No
Grill : No
Steam : No
Jet defrost :
Jet start :
Power levels : 750
Tilt down grill :
Grill grid :
Crisp plate and handle :
Timer and digital clock :
Child lock :
Turntable diameter (cm) :
Voltage (V) :
Frenquency (Hz) :
Output power MWO (W) :
Grill power (W) :
Product dimensions (HxWxD) mm :
Cavity dimensions ( HxWxD) mm :
Packed dimensions (HxWxD) mm :
Net weight (kg) :
Packed weight (kg) :
IFU languages :
Plug type :


  • 3D Microwave Distribution System
    Uniform heat circulation through 3-dimensional distribution to cook evenly and thoroughly and dish
  • Jet defrost
    Fast and even defrosting just select the food type,set weight and press start.